Sunday, March 30, 2008

PC bummer......

My PC went belly-up last Sunday. Blue screen, "unmountable boot volume". Dead.
I have felt like I had a broken ring finger. You know, like I can get things done, but something is just not quite right. Guess I will have to spend some cash for a new one. This always stresses me, since i am the member of my household with the most computer mojo (and that ain't a lot) I am the one that makes the decision. I guess I will call my brother, he is a real computer dude. He will advise. I don't want a "gamer package", I wat to be able to play with my photos software, some simple graphics software, surf, write, maybe look at some videos. Just too many choices!

Right now, I am coping by using my work laptop, but I do not like to do that often.

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