Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Fever

With last week's shift to Daylight Savings Time, I have been infected with a case of Spring Fever. I find myself gazing out of my window, musing on the notes of the twittering birds, sniffing the Daffodils that are lining my driveway. I have been leaving the office earlier than normal (right on time!), to get home for a nice walk or bike ride. I feel like I am coming out of a slumber and awakening into how I truly am. I have noticed a lessening of the sluggishness I feel in the winter. I have more energy and less anxiety. I am just not meant for this latitude.

I have been dealing with the normal, day-to-day stress of life. Work is crazy-busy, home is good (I just wish I spent more time here!). The man-cub is, well, he is 18.

I have been sewing more. I am making a quilt for my nephew and his fiance. I am ready to actually quilt it. They are tying the knot in October so, I have plenty of time to get it finished. When I get to this point, though, it goes very fast. I could quilt it today and bind it tomorrow if I got really focused!
I need to release my fear of ruining my fabrics. They really are beautiful, but their beauty intensifies when they are sewn into something. I have been making table runners as gifts, this makes me cut up the fabrics AND make them into beautiful objects. Strange how I have to play mind games with myself!!

I guess my real focus should be "Release of Fear".

Hmm. Remember your Kharma!

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