Saturday, April 19, 2008

I has returned!!!!

Yes, gentle reader, I am finally able to use my trusty home PC once more. Kudos to the delightful customer care representatives and technical support representatives at Dell in Mumbai! I have (with their most excellent guidance) replaced my previous hard drive (may it rest in peace) with a new more powerful, hard drive. Seriously, I never even thought of doing such before. I was ready to sheel out cash and dive into a new computer purchase. But when I called just to see if anything could be done, they told me (based on the diagonstic code) all I needed was a new hard drive. No hard sell. $99 later, I installed it, installed my operating system (XP) and my drivers and applications. I feel invincable! I am going to increase the memory next week. I have ordered 2 MB worth. This machine will be smoking fast!

I now am also going to upgrade to Photoshop Elements. I had the Coral Paint Shop Pro that originally came on the Dell, but I believe now I am ready for the good stuff!

The Man-cub is fine. Today was their "Spring Game", my sweet hubby went down to watch. Man-cub will conclude his Freshman year in 3 short weeks. Time has flown!

I have been making quilts like crazy. 3 in the past month, 2 in one week! I have another in the block stage and have planned my next 3 wallhangings. Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

Enjoy the weekend!
My new favorite thought, from the godfather, James Brown: " I got ants in my pants and I need to dance".

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