Sunday, October 2, 2016

My studio

We bought this house in December of 2015, and had some updating done. Part of this included closing in a screened porch for my studio/office. While it is a work in progress, I am working in it daily. The first challenge was creating a design wall.

The wall itself is brick. (I'm not fond of the the raw red color, that will eventually change.) So hanging a design wall took some research.

The ingredients: styrofoam insulation boards (easy for me to handle):

white duct tape

outdoor tape

505 spray

(not pictured)batting scraps.
I sprayed the batting with 505, laid the styrofoam on top, flipped over and smoothed out. Then flipped back over and used the duct tape to secure the batting edges.

Then added the outdoor tape.

I leveled using the mortar lines and hung the panels.
I hung this in April, it is now the end of September and it is still hanging well. 
The outdoor tape is amazing!

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