Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Asheville Quilt Show

We drove to Asheville this past Saturday to see the annual Asheville Quilt Show. My first time at this show and I was impressed by the number of quilts as well as the venue!

While hard to do, I do have a few favorites from the show:

Made by my dear friend, Ania Reich, this won 1st in the Special Technique division. Her statement:

Another friend, Gina Boone, won with her amazing whole cloth:

Hard to see all the intricate stitching, her statement:
Other favorites, each with the quilters statement:

I love the color in this!

Again, the color drew me in. This one used silks along with cotton, gorgeous.

This quilt was so striking, not another remotely similar. In both color and fabric choices, it was amazing.

This is a great example of a traditional block with a modern fabric where the quilt lets the textile do all the work!

In the modern category, Emily Coffey won with this:
The colors and stitching are phenomenal.

The construction methods were of note:

Very inspiring show!



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Laura McGrath said...

I love all of Ania's work, this quilt is gorgeous. I have no idea what pointillism is, have to google it! And I so want to make a wholecloth like that, maybe that will be my next project. Thanks for posting these pictures. My guild is having a show next weekend, I entered 3 quilts, my first time entering a show. Scary, but fun!