Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Been awhile...

But, still here! Working and traveling for the day job. Still settling into the new house. And yes, seeing/quilting when time allows.
Recent projects:
Baby quilt for my son's friends. Yes, that makes me feel old! But the quilt is cute and they love it!
Memory quilt using dog beds for a dear friend. I love how this turned out!
Simple meander to keep it soft and draper , cursive loops for border interest.
Surprise for a dear cousin. My mom helped with the piecing, and suggested the feathers. I love how this turned out!  Even though I don't get to quilt as much as I want, I can still get it done!
More detail.
Border detail.
New wallet for myself. These are fun to make and a very practical design.

Last but not least:
New (to me) BabyLock serger! The old sampling area at work was being cleared out and this was destined for the dumpster. But I rescued it and for the price of servicing I now have an awesome addition to my studio!

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