Tuesday, September 9, 2014


So, you know when you put an address in your GPS and it maps your trip? You are supposed to follow its turn-by-turn directions and reach your destination in the proscribed time.
Then, a billboard for an interesting shop catches your eye, so you take the next exit. Then you hear that robitic voice instructing you to make a u-turn. And next, in a resigned tone you hear: recalculating.
See the GPS is still trying to get you where you told it you wanted to go. And you still want to get there, but this neat detour popped up!
I use this to describe my quilting journey. A couple of years ago I had planned how it would go. I was dying my own fabric, working intuitively, doing my thing. Then I got caught up in wanting to make the quilts I was seeing online, using the fabrics that were being introduced each week.
My journey took a detour. Not by design, but by purpose. See I was making a quilt each week, zipping through them. Learning a lot as I went.
Lately, my making has slowed down, I am in a very busy place. My job has me traveling, and this time of year has a lot of activities. I still try to sew or quilt each day. But I am recalculating as I go, no specific destination, enjoying the detours.

Recently completed this large-block "X plus" quilt.
And used the extra half-square triangles to make this baby quilt.
Focusing on the fabric.

I am using my stash, making patterns I have been saving. Not racing, just enjoying!


Jenny Lyon said...

Looking pretty modern quilt these days-love it!

Paige said...

I love this! How big are those blocks?

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Love both of your quilts, I'm going to make the X-plus one of these days, maybe this winter. I just started making a HST and this is great inspiration!