Saturday, May 18, 2013

my thread sampler

I made myself a reference sample of threads I use in quilting.

I drew a grid on a solid fat quarter, layered with batting and batting, and basted.

At the top of each rectangle, I wrote the thread type and weight, using a Pigma pen.
My threads used (Left to Right): YLI Soft Touch bobbin thread, YLI Silk, Aurifil Mako, PolyX, YLI Cotton Machine Quilting, King Tut, Signature, Sulky 12 wt.

Then. I FMQ-ed a wavy line, added loops, stippling, and finally an echo shape to see how the thread looked in a variety of stitch designs. I repeated for a total of 8 threads. I also used only neutral colors, gray where I had it, so I would not be influenced by color.

A fun exercise, and one I will use! If you make one, let me know! Thanks.


Paige said...

I rarely quilt but I use Aurifil Mako with the orange spools for machine piecing and the YLI silk for hand applique. Interesting to see the differences!

Jake said...

I use PolyX and Isacord exclusively for machine quilting. I have used others in the past, but I've found most do not hold up to multiple stitch overs....and Sulky, while sone of the prettiest thread on the market, is so cheap I wouldn't even use it for single line quilting! It even breaks when I try to thread it thru a cheater needle!