Sunday, May 12, 2013

a little bit in process

So I am easing back into a bit of a schedule with sewing each evening. 
This week I have worked on the following:

Dutch Rose block from this tutorial.

Mending my son's blown-out belt loop with a bit of Aneela Hooey. 

Working on my 2014 Quilt for the Stokes County Humane Society. 
This is my 4th raffle quilt for this worthy organization!

Drawing feathers.

And quilting this, for an old family friend. I started the FMQ in March, and I am almost done. 
More pictures, and it's story to come.


Katie said...

love that dutch rose block

May Chappell said...

Everything is amazing!! Is it weird that I want to rip my jeans just so I can mend them with an Aneela doggie!?!?!

Laura Davies said...

Love the patch job and the feather doodles:)

Paige said...

What a great mending job with that little doggie. I can't wait to hear more about the purple quilt!