Sunday, March 17, 2013

the ides of March

I had an AMAZING group of students in my Fearless Free-Motion class yesterday. What a fun way to spend National/International/Universal Quilting Day. Spreading the love of quilting!

In other news; I have been practicing my feather FMQ:

And I bought some fabric:
And the day job is really intense. I am traveling this week so I will miss my TMQG meeting. Bummer.


Colleen said...

No! Can you Skype in? I'll instagram and keepnyoubin the loop!

Katie said...

You will be missed. Glad you had a great class isn't there another one coming us soon. I'm thinking about taking it again

Laura Davies said...

The feathers look great!

Jenny Lyon said...


April's Creations NC said...

Love that fabric!