Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weeks just zip by!;And quilts still get finished!

The past 2 are evidence!
Recapping my presentation visit at the Davie Quilters Guild:
This was a warm, friendly, delightful group of talented quilters. I was inspired by the variety of styles of quilts during their show and tell. I guess, all we quilters love show and tell!

They were attentive and quiet at first. Then the questions started! I gave a demo, showed quilts and tried to recruit more to the Free-motion side! I have been invited to teach a workshop near there. Just have to set up the dates! All in all, an incredible experience. Inspired me to make some new pieces for trunk showing!

We were hit by winter weather on Friday, but the ice had receded enough for us to visit the Quilting and Needle Art Show in Statesville on Saturday. We first visited the Needle and Thread Quilt Shop in Statesville. They have a great location in a wonderful building. Fun samples, a variety of fabrics at great prices. Well, worth the visit!

Then we spent the afternoon in the Civic Center. The thing about quilting is how you meet new friends so easily and how we congregate at these events. Every where I turned, were guild mates and friends. Oh, and fabric and gadgets and quilting inspiration. Yes I made purchases and had fun.

I have been sewing a bit, among the busy-ness of the past 2 weeks. And I finished a quilt!
Here is the Joy & Love quilt, which will be auctioned to benefit the Stokes County Humane Society.

51" by 48"
I used the left-overs to create a striped-pieced stripe on the back.

The grey backing + the grey light= really shows off my quilting.

Next up, I tell you about the class I have taken!


Filomena Crochet said...


hugs, Maria Filomena

Katie said...

I saw that you had blogged last night but all that was coming up was the title -- my thought was man she must be busy started blogging and forgot the actual blog. (maybe it's only funny in my head). the society quilt looks great and I am sure it will bring in much needed funds. I missed the statesville show due to the weather but it looks like it was a great one.

Jen said...

The auction quilt is lovely!