Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scraps at work #2-more fun with scraps

Another scrappy donation quilt! As I was sorting my 2.5" strips into color families, all the whites/beiges/tans looked so vintage together so I just put them up on my design wall.

I added a pale blue/grey mottle, also from the scraps and it was a nice variation on a rail fence.

But it seemed a bit, well, flat. And needed something flashy. So I went back to my color sorted strips and decided on a ROY G. BIV(ish) border. Love the look!

FMQ-ed in gentle loops and bound with a taupe floral from the scrap bin. Another donation quilt ready to go!

Scrappy strips
49" x 60"

I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful Holiday with those you love. Since I am using up my remaining vacation days, I am grabbing some quality sewing time!

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Laura said...

I love how you "woke up" your quilt with the colorful border. I'm back from visiting my daughter and family in New York tonight, can't wait to sew tomorrow!