Monday, December 10, 2012

My "Monolith" class

I taught my "Monolith" quilt this past Saturday at Sewingly Yours. I had 3 amazing students who made three beautiful, very different quilt tops. We laughed, talked, and sewed. We put the blocks on the design wall to move around and set the layout for best color distribution. Then I had them take a picture and look at their picture to see if they liked the layout. (That is a good way to see if you like the color layout.)

Here are their tops on the wall:

Katie chose a modern color palette using 2 shades of berry/purple as her background color. These shades really complemented the variety of prints she also used. I think it is a fun, fresh, contemporary quilt top!
Theresa is up next. She chose a group of mottled prints, Stonehenge, I believe. And when they came together, they reminded me of the 4 elements: earth, wind, fire and water.The effect of the colored blocks floating on the background was really striking once she got it up on the design wall.

April was inspired by my original quilt and chose the "Curious Nature" collection for her quilt. She also went with a gray blender, and made extra blocks to make her quilt larger for her son. I really love the way the gray made this quilt so elegant!

Thanks, Ladies, for such a fun Saturday!


Colleen said...

Love! I wish I had talen it!

Karma Willow Designs said...

The class wasa blast and I hope that you will be teaching another one in the near future. On a side note I went into the yadkin arts council today at lunch and saw that you were on display there along with many other great quilters.