Tuesday, October 16, 2012

total tedium is DONE

Another UFO is done! Ahhhhh, the feeling of accomplishment!
This one started out nice, I saw the pattern and thought this would be different from anything I have done. I bought a gorgeous bunch of Free Spirit solids in a cool color family.
I thought this would be a fun quilt to piece. Cutting out all the pieces. Chain piecing the small squares. So many small squares. That are then sewn together with other squares into seeming random blocks.

The bloom was off this rose very early. The small pieces were fun at first, then they just seemed to go on forever. And piecing the blocks from the random squares was not as easy as I had hoped. What began ans tiny details, became totally tedious.

I started this in March and finally finished it this week. For months, the stacks of squares laid on a shelf under my cutting table, mocking me as I cut other projects. I had to quiet their voices.

Total Tedium 54" square

But I realize this is part of the creative process and part of my quilting journey. I am not going to love every pattern I try, but hopefully I will learn something or improve my technique along the way.

The finished quilt is quite striking. I FMQ-ed it in an interlocking squares stipple. It seems to complement the quilt. And while I did not enjoy the process I am pleased with the quilt. And the Tula Pink Parisville I used on the back is sublimely gorgeous!


Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

Oh my, this one is stunning! You have outdone yourself! It was worth the wait!

Danielle Hudson said...

It is very striking! Glad you got it out of your way and I gorgeous quilt to boot! I just finished a quilt with the same stippled squares! I love how it looks:)

Laura said...

At least you finished it! It didn't become a UFO, and you can avoid this type of pattern in the future. I love it, but I didn't have to sit there sewing all those pieces.

Eileen said...

Fantastic quilt. I really love it. My colors and fun. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE it!! And the backing is just bonus. Tedium-part of the "job"-annoying though!

Cherie said...

The quilt is gorgeous!! The pattern and the colours are perfect for each other. It's funny when you can leave something for so long and come back to it months later! =D

Colleen said...

Even you make a pattern you dont like its amazing! This one makes me happy!