Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I don't get to keep this one

This is a shop sample for Sewingly Yours. It was also a pattern test for my first pattern that I am teaching in August.
I call the pattern "Stellar", this quilt I call "Summer Star".
This quilt finished at 78" square after laundering.

I have been on a star binge this year. I love making stars from half-square triangles. Star quilts are very traditional, and I think you get a lot of "bang" for a relatively simply constructed quilt.

I developed this pattern over the past 2 years. The first one was an exercise in using scraps. So was the next. Teresa at Sewingly Yours asked me to teach it, so I had to write it down. I then made a batik scrap version, a patriotic version, a "Flea Market Fancy" version (which will be finished for the class) and then this version.

I FMQ-ed this using a bright polyester thread in a stipple. I used a zig-zag stitch design in the border that I saw in Angela Walter's book.

I love the texture! And while this is not my preferred color palette, I love how this quilt turned out!
The fabrics? A custom bundle I created at the shop.

This quilt will hang there for a while (I am teaching it in August, then again in October), then they will offer it for sale.


Laura McGrath said...

I'd love to take your class but don't want to commit to two Saturdays! My weekends are short enough as it is.

So many of the classes at S-Yours are two or three sessions, 2 hours at a time. I'm not one for dragging all my stuff there and setting it up just for two hours of sewing. At least yours is 5 hours each day.

Colleen said...

I love it and so want to take the class!

Cherie said...

The quilt looks great! How can you not love stars! The quilting looks amazing! =D