Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Free Motion Challenge

I sort of feel like I am cheating on this month's Free Motion Challenge. I am a fan of this month's teacher, Ann Fahl, and have a well-used copy of her book, Dancing with Thread (it is one of my very favorite books on free-motion quilting) . I also believe the way my free-motion quilting has developed is much like hers. I have really enjoyed this challenge!

Ann provided a great tutorial covering her method for basting, quilting, keeping a sketchbook and various threads. She really encourages experimentation with thread and stresses the need for practice. 

I read through the lesson, announced my retreat to my studio, and sat down to play!

I warmed up with a scrap quilt sandwich, then moved on to the exercise.
I love the loops, swirls and free-form motifs. This was just what I needed to relax tonight.
I used muslin fabric, 18" x 22" with wool batting and YLI variegated top thread and bobbin thread. This free-form stitching makes me smile :o).
Thank you, Ann Fahl and thank you, sewcalgal for a fabulous tutorial!


Tammy said...

Hi Kheli,
Your free motion quilting design is very pretty. Makes me smile as well. I love the way you included leaves, stars, flowers, swirls and loop de lous into it. Variegated thread is so much fun! Bravo...well done!

Laura McGrath said...

This month's challenge is so unstructured compared to the feathers last month, it's nice to be able to just doodle!

Mary Ann said...

I love what you've done!

Becky M said...

That looks fantastic. Love the variegated thread!