Monday, December 12, 2011

Quilt gifting protocol

First, thanks to all for their kind words after my previous post. I believe there are many of us that are greatly affected by the lack of sunlight in this winter season. We just need to remember to be kind to ourselves and that Spring is 3 months away!

Are you giving someone a quilt or other hand-made gift for Christmas? Here are a few observations I have for the proper way to do this.

Featuring quilts from my Pinterest board

1. Wrap said gift.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

2.Bask in the delight and gratitude.

3. Accept the complements. Yes, you can bashfully grin and say "you are welcome!".

4. DO NOT POINT OUT ANY ERRORS. The recipient does not see them, all they see is the gorgeous quilt, as a whole! If you wanted the quilt to look like it was mass produced by a machine, you should have bought one in a department store. Remember: all of the inconsistencies you see are what adds to the uniqueness and character of this "one-of-a-kind" gift.

5. Let it go. Yes, you put yourself into the quilt during its creation, but now, you are giving it away. It is theirs. Do not check to see they are using and/or displaying it.

And what to do if you recieve a quilt as a gift?
1. Squeal with delight, after all someone thought enough of you to spend countless hours creating a "one-of-a-kind" gift.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

2. Tears of gratitude are also acceptable.

3. Hugs, of course!

4. Follow up with a "Thank You" note. You will have time to compose your thoughts and the quiltmaker will be so happy. Besides, it is good manners.

5.Use the quilt. They are made for that! Don't fold it up and put it away thinking you are saving it! That invites fold lines that won't come out and irregular fading. Ask the maker about any laundering tips if you are uncertain. 

Quilts come to life as they are used.


MariQuilts said...

Great post!!

grandmarockton said...

THANKS hope one or more of the BEAUTIE shown come to my HOUSE!

Paige said...

Yes! I love this post and the photos you chose!