Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Work In Process Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Yep, some "un" quilting going on here!

Be sure to click on the cute birdie button to check out WIPs all over blogland. Some beautiful stuff from talented peeps!

Fessing up to total WIPs:
1. Forest for the Trees - quilting, and un-quilting as seen above
2. String top - completed last year, packed, moved, unpacked, must be quilted
3. Large hand-dyed abstract art quilt top - completed last year, packed, moved, unpacked, must be quilted, or added to, it seems to want more
4. Table topper - must be quilted
5. New Twister quilt for MIL's friend - laid out - needs to be started!
6. King-size idea block, no starting until some of these WIPs are DONE.

So many quilts to make, so little time! This job thing really gets in the way of quilting. Oh, yeah, it does pay for the habit.


Marci Girl said...

Oh no....not un-quilting! I recently did some of this too, not may favorite chore, but sometimes it has to be done!

Melissa said...

I call it "reverse sewing"...makes it seem less counter-productive.

I had to do quite a bit of reverse sewing on a quilt I'm making for Japan relief, and it annoys me SO much. (grumble grumble) But the results are ALWAYS worth the reverse effort. :o)