Friday, August 6, 2010

My Deal! (or should I say steal?)

While out for my noon walk in the horrendous heat yesterday, my friend I passed a little antique shop we pass every day. This day, a modern piece catches our eyes. I snatched the object without any bargaining. What did I score?

Well it has this little logo stamped on the back:

Look at what I got!

A Herman Miller Aeron Chair!!!

The price, you ask.

You are not going to believe it. 


This is my new sewing chair. Granted the arms are missing, but I would have taken them off anyway.

Oh, yeah, the price.

$29.25.  Yes, that is twenty-nine dollars and twenty-five cents.  

It is so comfy. LOVE.


Dobbygirl said...

Awesome score!!

Erika said...

You'll love that chair. I'm sitting in mine as we speak!!! Very comfortable!