Monday, August 30, 2010

The lasting wisdom of Murray

Thanks to all for the kind comments and condolences on our loss. As each day passes, we feel a little better, and I still have my 2 young Belgians to tend. They have been so sweet, very quiet and clingy. I know they miss the boss and need extra pats and hugs. But all, in all, we are okay.

One of our long-running jokes was that Murray was a "World-Class" napper. He would nap for a while before going to bed. He would get up in the morning and move into the living room to nap a bit before starting his day. And afternoons were made for napping.

As part of my healing process, and to keep the quilting content up on this blog, I offer you photographic proof of Murray's love of quilting:

His naps were always better when wrapped up in a quilt!

I am beginning the packing process, so posts may me sporadic. And I will occasionally offer up more of Murray's wisdom. But for now, thanks again so much for your sympathy, love and prayers. Please love and cherish the pets you have, and please spay/neuter so we can make sure every pet is wanted!


vivian said...

I like how Murray thought! Nothing beats a nap!

Anonymous said...

You´ve certainly made the right decision. No easy at all but the best best for him. You were a blessing for him and he knew it. Just love the picture. My Lua shares Murray´s love for napping and the gentle eyes.

Bia, from Brazil said...

Thanks for having dropped me a line. It´s been nice reading your blog and getting to know about you.