Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What color are you?

Fun quiz to find your color fitness personality

The 8 Colors of Fitness Quiz by Suzanne Brue

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lucky find!

This is my friend and co-worker, Michael. As you can see Michael is a big guy. That yellow stick under his hand is a metal yard stick. Michael is 6'8" tall. He is standing next to his new bike.
It is a lovely bike, with beautiful lines. Quite graceful, and large enough for Michael. His wonderful wife, Jennifer found this bike at their local Goodwill for $25.

As you can see, it is a Fuji Royale. My husband and I both have Fuji's. I paid quite a bit more than $25 for each of them! I told Michael he has a treasure! Not sure of it's age, I will leave that guess to my cycling friends. I just advised Michael not to leave his bike casually leaning up outside our office. He needs to bring it inside. I love it when nice people get a stroke of good luck!

I created this photo-collage for my newest jacquard collection going out next month. I had shot the pictures over a period of 5 months with this in mind. I love how it turned out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

a week away

A week on the coast has done wonders for me!
Some eye candy to look at while I get unpacked:

The incredible range of greens along the Barrier Islands near Emerald Isle.

A cat sleeping outside a restaurant in Swansboro (Nonni's-GREAT fresh peach fritters!)

Sailboats in the harbor at Beaufort.

Good to be back. Great time with great friends. Laughed a lot, ate wonderfully (thanks to Sandra Lee's June/July Semi-homemade Summer magazine/cookbook). Sewed quite a bit. Wish I could do this monthly!

Friday, June 12, 2009

2 fun and very cute!

Oh these pillow cases are simple and fun to make. I am going to put together a tutorial and share the fun! These are to go with my king-sized quilt. (these are the 2 fun part!)
And this is me with my newest, Sarge. He is really so sweet and starved for affection. He will come in the house and sit on me for about 20 minutes, then he has to go outside! Nothing like having 62+ pounds of Belgian Malinois on lap and in face! Strange, he wants to be a part of the family (like my other 2) but he is still so timid. We are taking it slow and giving him his own time and space. Amazing the change we have seen in 3 weeks! (Sarge is the very cute part!)

My hubby and I leave Sunday for a week at the beach. Man-cub is house- and dog-sitting. I am interested to see how Sarge greets us when we return.
Oh, I am taking my sewing machine and fabric with me. I will balance out the sun and sea with some quality sewing time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cool and blue

I read somewhere that blue is one of the rarest colors to occur in the natural world. Maybe that is why it always catches my attention!

This hydrangea grows by my front porch.

The bluettes were growing in Valle Crucis.
They are so cool in our crazy, early summer humidity.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Love to complete quilts!

I love each step of the process: selecting patterns, coordinating patterns and colors, cutting the pieces, laying the pieces out, sewing them together, quilting, binding, labeling. Every step is so much fun. Today I celebrate completing the baby quilt:

Making pillowcases to match my log cabin quilt (thats my Springtide quilt on the foot):

New fabrics to go in future projects:
I love the bright coral and icy blue. I am taking these beauties to the beach to piece a new quilt. I am so ready for a week away! Just 4 more days til I leave!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Changing gears

I have finished piecing this quilt top. I need to add a border before I quilt it. I am going to donate it. Not sure to what organization yet. It is a baby-size, if you know of a good organization, please let me know!

Once the baby quilt is done, I am using these pinks for my next quilt. I am looking forward to using these colors.

I have had trouble focusing on the baby quilt project. To be so small, I should have completed it already. Could be the relentless rain we've had the past 2 weeks! Anyway, I made the small one since I had the fabric and I really am in the mood to stipple. And I am also ready to start a new quilt. I am planning on sewing Sunday, I hope that works out!

Monday, June 1, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

I am taking a break from blogging about quilting today. I was just too busy this weekend to get much sewing done! We went to a cookout Saturday with friends and stayed outside talking into the wee hours. Don't you just love doing that? I think there is something so primal about how we humans (in the south, anyway) love to be outside at night.
Then yesterday we rode up to Valle Crucis to visit my brother. He has a beautiful Macaw, Baby. And I enjoyed snapping pics of Baby, Zuni (one of his dogs) and Punkin the cat.

Zuni and her ball

My brother Kent and Baby

Baby, ready for his close-up

Punkin enjoying the birdhouse buffet
(I know, that is horrible, but cats hunt birds so what do you expect?)

And a final picture of our beautiful Sarge, one week after adoption:

His vet visit went well. He is right at 12 months old. He is starting to blossom with all our love and attention.