Friday, June 12, 2009

2 fun and very cute!

Oh these pillow cases are simple and fun to make. I am going to put together a tutorial and share the fun! These are to go with my king-sized quilt. (these are the 2 fun part!)
And this is me with my newest, Sarge. He is really so sweet and starved for affection. He will come in the house and sit on me for about 20 minutes, then he has to go outside! Nothing like having 62+ pounds of Belgian Malinois on lap and in face! Strange, he wants to be a part of the family (like my other 2) but he is still so timid. We are taking it slow and giving him his own time and space. Amazing the change we have seen in 3 weeks! (Sarge is the very cute part!)

My hubby and I leave Sunday for a week at the beach. Man-cub is house- and dog-sitting. I am interested to see how Sarge greets us when we return.
Oh, I am taking my sewing machine and fabric with me. I will balance out the sun and sea with some quality sewing time!

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