Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Was today auspicious for you?

Today's date, 09/09/09, was supposed to be special. Why? I'm not sure. But it is neat to have all the number line up like that!

I had a good day at work and learned that a dear friend, and phenomenal artist, has her website up. Eleanor creates magic with beads! Visit her here. El is a great textile designer, and she makes bead creations that sing! I know you will get inspired by her creations. She is a very special person to me and inspires me by her dedication to her art.

From yesterday's post on scraps, here is what is up on my design wall now:

These came to me in 2.5" strips. So I sewed them all together and then cut them in varying widths. It is not completely stitched together yet. I am digging through more scraps to create a border. I think it is lively and fun!


Dobbygirl said...

Yeah for Eleanor! I was just going to email her when your post popped up on my Google reader. Now I'm gonna harass her!

Jenny said...

Looking great!

Fiesta said...

yes it is lively and fun, that is how I like my quilts too!