Sunday, August 30, 2009

why i blog ( and why I host "give a ways")**

**a serious post

I received a lovely package from a blog-friend this week:

This is a "thank you" and a swap for the goodie package I sent to her. (Thank you, Jenny! I love the batiks, they will work in with many of my other batiks and contain colors I did not have. I love them!) She also sent a lovely note in which she mentions her sister asked why bloggers do giveaways. Well, for me the question starts with "why blog?"

For me, my blog is a form of creative expression. It is a way for me to express thoughts and ideas, to share things I learn and to invite feedback and collaboration. All of that is part of my creative process. While at work, I have others in my office to interact with; at home I do not. I do not live close to any others that quilt, nor do I keep a schedule that allows me to join in a nearby guild . So, my blog is a way to invite that sort of communication, which many times, it does. And of course, this is a place to show what I have done, and hope others enjoy seeing it!

Through my blog have found other crafty-bloggers and really enjoy reading their thoughts and seeing their work. I feel the blogs have allowed me to see and learn things from all over the world that I really enjoy and would not have learned otherwise. There are so many nice, creative and talented people out there! I have learned techniques, patterns and shortcuts. I have been so inspired that I wish I had more hours in the day to try all the things I have seen, and continue to see. I have "met" great, interesting people and feel like a part of their lives. In short, this "virtual" world of blogging has enriched my life. So, I want to give back.

Another reason to "give" things (for me) is just that I love to give. No strings attached. It makes me feel good. We are trying to sell our house and during this year we have cleaned and sorted and instead of having a yard sale (which is an incredible amount of work on top of the cleaning and sorting) I convinced my husband to just give all our excess away. We have taken many loads to Goodwill and gave to others directly that needed or wanted what we had to spare. I guess I have been so blessed that for me it seems normal. So giving my extra fabrics and craft items is a way to share. I also hate to throw away perfectly good stuff and am very glad to have someone to pass it along to!

The final reason I like to give/share is simple (and included in the name of this blog): karma. I like to put good things out into the universe, since I believe that what I put out there is what I hope to receive. I prefer to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". And because I like good things/ideas/friends/people to come into my life, I want to put all the good I can into the world! Just think, if all of us could put good out there, what could we accomplish?

Lastly, I made a conscious decision to make this blog a place of joy. When it began, I would grouse and complain and vent, but that just didn't feel right. The thing about the internet is once you put something on it, it is there forever. So I want to celebrate beauty: beautiful ideas, pictures, inspirations. That is what I want on the internet forever! How about you?


Barbara said...

I blog too to share my works with others who will appreciate all the work that goes into it. I love looking at what others are working on and it is an inspiration to get busy.

Love your karma philosophy too.

Fiesta said...

You could not have worded it better. My sentiments are exactly as yours. I am glad we have met thru blogging. Your beautiful creations have enriched my life. Thank you Kheli.

free indeed said...

Very well said. I say ditto!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Absolutely right! I feel the same way - I learn so much through others blogs and hope to pass on a little as well. And giveaways are great fun - I love giving little gifts!

Jenny said...

so glad you are able to use the you said, they were a wee bit unwanted here and will enjoy more being at your place! i plan to forward your post to my sister to better explain why bloggers do giveaway, thanks for the lovely post!