Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adding to our family

Please allow me to introduce Sarge.

He joined our family yesterday after being bailed out of an animal shelter. He is quite obviously a Belgian Malinois, and we are guessing about 15-18 months old. Now if you are new to this blog, you may not realize our love for dogs and prior to yesterday we were a 2 dog family. Our first Belgian, Pepper, joined us in September. We were struck by her beauty, intelligence and amazing humor. My hubby spotted this handsome fellow at a local animal shelter (and not the "no-kill" kind either) and let the animal control officer know that we wanted him if no one claimed him.

He is quite thin and currently has scars on his nose and ears. He is also quite skittish, but that has lessened dramatically in the past 12 hours. We named him Sarge after a long, drawn-out discussion of names. Sarge is totally taken with Pepper. They ran and played last night, but he wouldn't come in the house to sleep. He slept in our back yard (which is fenced). When we got up this morning, he greeted me at the door with that gorgeous, expectant Belgian Malinois expression on his face. It immediately changed to joy when Pepper ran out to greet him!

They seem to have such fun and having Sarge to run with Pepper gives our elderly hound, Murray, much needed rest. This will be a long road of establishing trust in an abandoned animal, but it is already rewarding to see him begin to flourish. We keep telling him that this is his home, his forever home.

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