Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

OK, so I couldn't wait....

I have been planning a trip to Gastonia to Mary Jo's (the ultimate fabric Mecca), but since I can't seem to get a good date in the near future, I took off for Hickory and shopped at Lee's Sewing Center and Hancock Fabrics. The ladies at Lee's are always busy sewing and are very helpful. I bought an addition yard of the gorgeous Moda batik I had used in a table runner and a mottled brown to use as sashing in my crazy quilt. I also bought a batt so I can pin and quilt my son's Pickety Stix quilt this week. Then I stopped at Hancock. Now I do not tend to buy much quilting fabric here since I want the best quality in my quilts. But they were having a 50% off sale, so I bought an extra batt, some fusible fleece and interfacings for another handbag, and a copy of Simplicity 3875 (the Duro dress). I got the pattern for $1.99! Not the $15.95 on the label! I hope to start a muslin of it later in the week.

Went to see Charlie Daniels in Boone last night. WOW! I had forgotten how great Southern-style, guitar-based rock really is! I clapped, yelled, sang along, pretty much acted like a teen-ager. It was most excellent!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One hee-ott day!

It is so freaking, oppressively hot here in the sunny south this week! Temps in the upper 90's, humidity is making my hair kinky. I wait to walk until 8pm so my puppies won't suffer. But how to cope with the heat? Well, last night I watched my favorite TV drama, The Closer. Kyra Sedgewick is gorgeous and talented and the show is very well written. Tonight I will sew, maybe a table runner for a birthday present. Then tomorrow night, PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!
So, until I finish something new, here is another quilt I completed earlier in the year:
Wallhanging made from batik squares and fabrics.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

recent projects

Here are some of my recent sewing projects:

Black & White approximately 48"square

Pink, Yellow, Coral "The Happy Colors Quilt"

Kokopelli wallhanging

Detail on the Kokopelli. This was so fun! I cut and wove 2 fat quarters to make the background, then appliqu├ęd the figures and free-motion stitched.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

HOT Saturday

We just got back from walking around the annual Blackberry Festival. I love blackberries, they are my absolute favorite fruit. But walking on asphalt, from 10am to 4pm on a sunny July day is surreal. The humidity is down thanks to some much needed rain, but the sun is extremely strong and the heat radiating off the asphalt made it feel like I was getting scalded! If I were queen, I would schedule this from 3-8. Yes, the 3-5 hours would be warm, but the sun is angling down by then and the shade created by the buildings is greater. I would then recruit some bands to play at the outdoor stage and that would encourage more people to partake from the food vendors. I was impressed by the variety of vendors, I counted 5 different vineyards offering tastings (I bought a bottle of blackberry wine), there were also blooming onions, funnel cakes and BBQ. I was pleased to see a Thai food vendor as well. Just wish I had bought some padthai!
That's my recreation for today, I am making some coffee cup cozies for our Design Meeting this week and need to go buy the lunch item I am responsible for.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Nothin' on the TV (87 channels of dreck) so I search the web!
Here's some funny ones!

Viva Chihuahua!

Talking Dogs

Happy Friday.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Blog to Promote

Check out the new addition in my blog list: Al's Hoots.
A delightful diatribe on many topics to come!

Glad its Thursday. Glad its been raining. Not so glad about the 150% humidity. But then, it is July in the south!

Enjoy the Weekend!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

List of random likes

1. I like sleeping late
2. big breakfasts (pecan pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, melon, coffee)
3. Red, purple, and gold
4. marshmallows
5. Old black and white horror films
6. Jerry Lee Lewis (the killer!)
7. My XM radio
8. clear nights when you can see millions of stars
9. my dad's jokes
10. my mom's naivte
11. thunderstorms
12. sewing
Have a safe and Happy Independence Day.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What makes a Patriot?

The current Political/POTUS08 season, as well as the past 8 hellish years have made the word "patriot" quite popular. I always thought it meant, "someone who loves their country". Our current administration infers that it means "someone who love my country in the same fashion as I do and does what I think a patriot should do." Lots of pundits throw the word around like you can only be a patriot if you are military. Like you can only serve your country with a weapon. Well, I love my country. I know lots of patriots who are not even remotely violent. Many patriots tend gardens, raise families, show up to work hard, volunteer in their communities, take care of their homes. If not for the people, the citizens, then what is a "country" and who would love it?
I do not believe our government is the absolute best, but I believe it is far better than others. We have the right and obligation to read, research and vote for those who we feel can run the business of our government. We can change our government every 4 years. I believe a patriot votes. I do not believe the people serve the government, no way! I believe the people in government serve the citizens who, through taxes, pay their salaries. I believe that for every soldier, serving their country through a military branch, there is a parent/grandparent/family member who served their country by raising a responsible child.
Does one need to be in a battle to be patriotic? There are many of us who go to battle each day, our battlefields are shops, factories, hospitals and schools. We fight each day to do our duty to our employers, communities and families. Just because we do not carry weapons doesn't mean we fight any less.
I do not believe someone has to have served in the military to hold public office. Likewise, I do not believe that experience is a detriment. We all carry our experiences, wherever and however we receive them, as our lifelong education. Just as many military officers have learned to make critical decisions under fire, many nurses, doctors, teachers and bankers have to make critical decisions as well. Managers in any field, at every level have to factor in people, and resources each day in ways that feel just as dramatic and defining as war. I am in textiles, and in our current economy, I feel each day is a battle to keep my job, so I can maintain my life and my family. Does that make me less a patriot than my Uncle Ray who served in both Korea and Viet Nam? I am responsible for a segment of business for my company, I am responsible for 7 associates who report to me. If I make poor decisions, 7 families could suffer. This could be compounded by the other associates, and their families, who also work with me. Does this mean we are not fighting? We are all connected. We are all valuable. We are all patriots.