Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gaining perspective

I thought today I would blog about the "WalMart" effect, where people want every thing as cheaply as possible and everyone feels a sense of entitlement and no one seems to save up for things. I was organizing my thoughts on my drive home. As it was raining, I knew I needed to get in and change out of my work clothes before letting the 2 wet dogs in. So far, so good. I get into sweats, grab some old towels to dry the dogs. I let them in, Murray loves the toweling experience, then I start on Pepper. Her feet are black, and my soil is not that dark. I wipe them and the towel is covering in black. I smell the towel and my 6 month old pup has somehow gotten covered in motor oil. I picked her up and dashed to the shower where I spent 45 minutes trying to scrub this off. Her sweet pink belly, covered in oil. Well, I got most of it, I will pick up more Dawn dish detergent tomorrow (bonus tip: Dawn cuts all manner of oils and grease) and bathe her again. I also found an old bottle of oil that Hubby had used in his chain saw had fallen off the window sill where it was residing. Not much oil sure goes a long way on a golden puppy. So, while I had spent a great of the day pondereing our lack of business and what products to design and sample along with keeping up on the collapse of the world financial markets, my focus was shifted in the blink of an eye, by a 25 pound ball of puppy love! She did not enjoy the bath, but she has since enjoyed the snuggling.

When the horrible news gets you down, love on your family and your pets. They are what really matter.

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