Monday, October 20, 2008

Black Monday 2008

My team went from 7 people down to 3 today. I had to lay off my 3 Senior Designers and our clerical assistant. I was demoted from manager down to Senior Designer. I am okay with my position change, I was never happy in management. But I have been in a state of disbelief, shock and pain since 8:15 this morning. Having to go from person to person, friend to friend and tell them their job has been eliminated due to the market conditions has really sucked. I do not expect to have my job 4 months from now. Our senior management team has no strategy and they believe that by cutting designers they will save enough to perpetuate the brand. Where are the future patterns going to come from? I am good, but not that good. I can do my part, but I can not make up for the design talents of 3 others.
This day has sucked. At least I have my hubby, son and hounds.

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Anonymous said...

And you hubby loves you very much. Hang in there,we always have Mexico as a fallback!