Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This sure aint Caldwell County

Took the above photo today on the way from Shanghai to Ningbo.
Here's what I have learned today:
Everything is bigger in China!
They feed me well
I am treated like a freaking rock star here!
Most can speak a lot more English than I can speak Chinese!
The Chinese people are excellent hosts and really show appreciation
The Chinese people are quick to laugh

Okay confession time:
Those of you that know me know that I do not camp for 1 major reason: porcelain toilets, or the lack thereof. Well, today, I did something I did knot think I could do, yes, I used a Chinese public toilet. Men do not understand this squeamishness on my part. They can pee on a tree and its okay. Well, for the uninitiated, most public toilets here are essentially porcelain holes in the ground. The position to assume is a squat. I was desperate. We were about to cross the World's Longest Bridge (seriously) so I did not want to get halfway over and have to go. Well, when in Rome...
I did my business. It is a porcelain hole, but it looks rather like a urinal laid on its back. And yes, you do flush it.

Ningbo, the adventure continues. And I may be failing for the Chinese people and their delightful laughs!

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Anonymous said...

just remember you have to come home in a week. Don't get to used to this and oh by the way Lance Armstrong has un-retired.