Monday, September 8, 2008

Greetings from Shanghai!

Nie Hao! I survived the 19 hour flight, 2 connections, across the international date line and my luggage made it here at the same time!
It is 7:20am here, Tuesday morning. So will begin my Asian adventure.
Basics: Flew over from Greensboro to Atlanta on Delta. Then Korea Air from Atlanta to Seoul. Then Seoul to Shanghai. Let me tell you, Korea Air is a freakin 5 star in my book. They understand what customer service is! I was awakened at one point by the smell of freshly baking chocolate chip cookies! Great food, the fed me 3 meals and countless snacks. So far all the Chinese I have met have been freindly and helpful. I really do not anticipate otherwise. I hope to be able to upload some photos once I get my power converter!

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