Thursday, February 28, 2008


I received a copy of Strengths Finder 2.0 for a seminar at work. From the on line quiz, my strengths are (in order) Empathy, Input, Intellection, Developer and Individualization. The leader of this seminar is an incredible woman. One I have trusted since I first met her. I do not like my empathy. I do not feel it is a strength, I feel it is overwhelming. But after some discussion, I am going to try and sort out a few things. She feels my extreme empathy means I have a greater purpose, and I need to find it.
So, as part of my journey to define what I like and what I want, I am going to start by defining what I don't like and want. I hope by sorting through the negative junk first, I can glean the positive and find the direction I need to go.
So I do not like:
1. Meaningless meetings
2. Bureaucracy, red tape, paperwork
3. People who will not accept responsibility for their jobs, information, actions.

More to follow

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