Saturday, March 1, 2014

Been a while (post 1 of 2)

How can February be such a short month and yet seem so long!
It has been over a month since my last real post. But that doesn't mean I haven't been quilting. I have done a couple of secret gift projects as well as some commission quilting. Now that the gifts have been received, I can share!
First up is a quilt the Triad Modern Quilt Guild made for a member who had a baby in December.
Said member loves rainbows and robots, so the quilt design (directed by May Chappell) was easy to concieve.
Instead of contributing a block, participating members contributed a row of color. Then it was handed to me to quilt. A robot, naturally! I drew out my robot idea (based on a Lego figure),

marked my dimensions with masking tape, loaded rainbow variegated yarn, and set to stitching.

 It is hard to see the large central figure, so I did a tiny version in one of the corners.

And for the major cute baby enjoying the quilt, click here!

A great project to be a part of!


Paige said...

How perfect for Sarah! A real rainbow robot!

Laura Davies said...

That photo doesn't do it justice. It is absolutely amazing in person! Love, love, love it!