Sunday, December 1, 2013

Squeezing a project in

The Thanksgiving holiday break is a great time for me to get in some quilting. The cooking, cleaning, feeding, cleaning all hits on Wednesday-Thursday, so while a seemingly large number of people are shopping, I am holed up in my sweatshop, happily stitching away! I was able to begin, and complete a wall quilt, all on Friday.

This is yet another awesome pattern by May Chappell "All Squared Up". It finished at 24" square.

I purchased the pattern as part of a kit from SewLux Fabrics. I swapped out the center square fabric, using instead a fussy-cut piece of "Winter's Lane", and instead of a solid background fabric, I used a low-volume print.

I had a blast quilting this. I used a bright polyester thread on my sweet Tiara & just let it fly!

Yep, that is some insane matchstick quilting in that border.

And some gratuitous back shots!

This will hang in our foyer as our "winter" wall quilt.


Paige said...

The back shots are the best! It really shows of the amazing quilting!

May Chappell said...

It's soooooo gorgeous! Love! Love!! Love!!!

Laura Davies said...

Quilting looks great! Funny, I made a wall quilt this weekend too using some of that bird fabric. Haven't gotten it bound yet though:)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog tonight, via Flickr, and will certainly be a follower. You mentioned that you quilted this on your Tiara, I also have a Tiara, but still consider myself a beginner. Your quilting on this project is inspiring.
I also love to see the quilting from the back side, so thanks for showing that as well.

Kim Johnson said...

AMAZING quilting!