Sunday, October 20, 2013

so, I've been away for a while

I lost my father in August.

His illness and death ripped the rug out from under my feet.

We banded together to support each other, my mother, brother, husband, sister-in-law and son. Family and friends have taken care of us. I really didn't feel like sewing, quilting or blogging. I retreated, taking care of Mom, and myself.

But, I have begun sewing and quilting again. I am planning on maybe a weekly blog post. Unless I have something fantastic to share.

For now, here is one of the projects I am working on, the Metro Hoops pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Please check back, I have other stuff to share!


cindi said...

So sorry to hear about the death of your father. I have missed your blogging and look forward to reading your posts again. Sounds like you have a good support system in place.

Vicki W said...

I was just thinking about you this morning and realized that I had not seen a post from you in a while. I'm so sorry to hear about the reason. Glad to hear that you have family around you to help you through.

Jenny Lyon said...

I am glad you are back-I missed you! Death is so hard and so sobering-how lovely that you all banded together in grief to support each other. I am loving this new work-a very unusual pattern and I look forward to seeing it emerge.

Paige said...

I'm so glad you took the time that you needed and wanted but I'm also glad to "see" you back! I am intrigued by the Quick Curve Ruler so I will be watching you closely!

Colleen said...

Hugs!! To both you and mom!! Can't wait to see what you will sew next!

Angie said...

Right there with you. Much love.