Sunday, July 14, 2013

Small Whole Cloth Quilting

I have finished a couple of small whole-cloth quilts.

These measure 17" square and are gifts.

It is really difficult to get a good photo of the "V", the red fabric really flares.

Silk thread, 2 batts: wool over cotton.

I love the dimension and texture.

The back shows the density of the quilting.
White on white is hard to photograph as well.
Here it is, back lit by the sun.
More dense quilting, more feathers. Way too much fun!


sarah said...

hmmmmm... none of these are S's or L's... but i like them, nonetheless. :)

Katie said...

I'm a K ----

Paige said...

Is this where we place our orders? The quilting is amazing!

Laura Davies said...

Love the V as well!

Jenny Lyon said...

Love! Did you mark all those pesky little lines or are you just that good?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love that "V" too! I would fit in my house very well! :) You do incredibly gorgeous work, Kelly!

Ania said...

Just beautiful. You are amazing.