Wednesday, April 3, 2013

my favorite thus far...

I got the binding on this one last night.

As I pieced it, I realized I just love this combination of colors and shades: bright, saturated blues and greens with pure white and black. And polka dots!

19.5" square, Square in a square traditional block using Kaffe, Phillip Jacobs and Tula Pink fabrics.

How is it I have had this many trips around the sun without realizing how much I adore this?

I want to make a big quilt using these colors/shades. And polka dots!


Katie said...

I see a monolith in starting here but it looks great

Ania said...

What a great idea to make little quilt as a "pilot" of big quilt.It is enouth to see if you like colors schem and makes great little quilt (gift?). Thanks Kelly for idea.
Looks great. I love those big prints and background print.

April's Creations NC said...

Love these colors together. I find it amazing how there are colors that I do not naturally go towards and then when I see it put together I saw WOW that looks great! I must say I love anything with "lime" green in it, this is also my favorite of your recent small quilts too!