Thursday, November 15, 2012


As I took a few days off for my birthday, I had time to (finally) neaten and organize (just a bit) in my sweatshop/studio. I got all my battings off the floor and into a bin, and vacuumed up threads (and dog hair). For some reason, I could not close the lid on my scrap bin, so I decided it was time to make sense of it.

I cut my scraps into 2 1/2" strips and 5" charms. There are tons of patterns and ideas for working with these sizes and it is quite fun to revisit these old friends and give them new purpose.

I actually ended up with a large stack of 4 1/2" charms as well as I was cutting willy-nilly with a template and didn't pay attention! But, they will work with some block patterns I have.

Anyway, as suspected, I got quite inspired with my color-sorted scraps and have started a scrappy quilt top. It is still in the development stage, but I am really liking it.

scraptacular stacks

My husband is going under the knife today to receive a new right hip. Wish us luck!


Laura said...

My scrap bin(s) are overflowing, can't wait to see what you make, I always need ideas! Hope the surgery went well and he has a speedy recovery.

bambi said...

I hope your husband is doing well. I have needed to tackle my scrap pile for some time now--good for you! Hope you show us the scrap quilt as it progresses.