Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Free Motion Challenge

Once again squeaking under the deadline, I got to work on this month's FMQ Challenge hosted by sewcalgal. September's expert is Paula Reid and she gave really good tips on her video about moving a large quilt under the arm of a domestic sewing machine.

Paula shared a stencil design to fill a block and offered insight to completing this design.

I decided to transfer the design using Don Linn's tutorial from April.

Then I stitched the center design using a bright pink Isacord polyester thread (I used a gray YLI cotton in  my bobbin).
I then filled in the center and edges with the gray YLI thread.

I need to work on backtracking.

I love the back!

Yet another excellent tutorial in a great year-long challenge to improve Free-Motion Quilting skills.
Thanks sewcalgal!


Cherie said...

It's so amazing when the back looks just as good as the front! A great design =D

Colleen said...

Looks amazing Kelly!

Anonymous said...

I love the motif around the central wreath! I agree-the back is as cool as the front.

Connie said...

Looks beautiful and I like the background quilting!