Saturday, August 18, 2012

August FMQ Challenge

This month's FMQ expert for sewcalgal's 2012 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge was Wendy Sheppard of Ivory Spring. I have been a fan of Wendy's work for quite a while. She is an awesome quilter and it was a delight to get her insights.

Wendy shared a stitch design she calls "Jester's Hat". It is a neat little half-swirl combination.

I sketched it out several times.

Then I moved to the machine to stitch.
 I marked a couple of places as I tried this design out.

It was a bit harder than it looks. I had trouble finding a rhythm. Then I checked out the blogs of other quilters taking part in this challenge and found ideas that really helped.

That is one of the great things about this challenge. Not only are we all learning from some incredible teachers, we are learning from each other!  It really feels like a FMQ community, and that is great.


Colleen said...

Ooo! Im going to have to try that. It looks like me!

Danielle Hudson said...

You did so well!!

Tammy said...

Your jester hats design looks fabulous! I love the variegated thread. Bravo very well done!

Cherie said...

That's such a fun design. Amazing how many different patterns there are out there =D

Ania said...

Looks great. I love this quilting on the prints, special with those little flowers.
And I live your Masculine quilts.
Loots terrific.

Quilting Babcia said...

Super job! Your curves are so nice and rounded - looks fantastic!

Debbie said...

I think you did a fabulous job with this. You are right about finding the rhythm, because once you get you go.

Carrie P. said...

super job! it looks like you were able to find your way around the quilt with out getting stuck unlike me. lol

sherry said...

nice work