Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Living with less****

***a "Life in Limbo" post

Nope, no picture. One of the concessions to living with less of my stuff. No home computer to process my digital pics. Yes, I have gotten in some (a tiny bit) sewing, but since I do not have a sewing room/studio/sweat shop I have to get everything out and put it back so sewing involves a lot of prep.

I will admit, at first I was hesitant about staying for this extended time with my sweet MIL. She is a delight, but comes from a background of living through the Great Depression on a little country farm which means she saves things. Everything. I love her truly, but Meme is a pack rat. We spent all last Saturday clearing out drawers in our room so we could unpack. We still haven't done the closet, but we have to space this out. It can get tense while we are convincing Meme that she can give things to Goodwill or even throw them away if they are past their usefullness. So what does this clutter story have to do with living with less? Well, this is her house, so we are not taking up a lot of space. My hubby actually brought more clothes and shoes than I did! But given the situation of moving, I had not refreshed my wardrobe and in fact had purged quite a bit. So, I am living with less clothes and shoes. Right now it is okay, but if it gets cool, I will need to get a sweater! This lessened wardrobe has greatly simplified my dressing each day. And while I am quite good with my wardrobe situation, I really am missing the sewing. Overall, I feel so much less stress than the last few months. We are so glad to have the house selling behind us. We are working on purchasing a new home, but the one we want is in foreclosure and that process takes a while. So, in the interim, we are making do with less. And we are fine.


vivian said...

It's amazing how much stuff we have that we could live without! When we moved here 15 years ago lots of things were stored in the barn. We are going to tackle cleaning it out and my idea is that ALL of it goes! We haven't needed it in 15 years. Good luck with our new house!

BritishArtist said...

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